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Coach supervision is a place of reflective and reflexive practice where coaches gain understanding of themselves more fully, as an instrument of their work. In supervision you learn to stand back and take a broader view of yourself and your craft, in the context of both the client and the client system. Supervision enables regulation and retuning around stuck points, ethical dilemmas and coach wellbeing. It can be likened to having a ’professional conscience’ (Bachkirova, 2023).


Jane offers one on one and group supervision. One on one supervision offers focused attention on your practice and client situations. Group supervision is a place where you can benefit from learning with others, by gaining insight into a broader range of situations. Groups run for a series of sessions and have a maximum of 6 participants. Each series leads with either a team coaching or individual coaching focus.




Coach mentoring is skill and competency-based development for coaches who are seeking to reach their next level of progress in practice. It is often targeted towards the attainment of an industry credential. When you are coaching alone most of the time, habits form gradually and patterns set in that may be preventing you from developing your practice further. If you feel that your practice needs invigorating or you are ready to look to ICF MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential Jane can help.

Team Coaching Certification


Jane partners with Team Coaching Studio to deliver their Accredited Certificate in Team Coaching in the Asia Pacific time zone. For more information on this qualification click here 

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