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For Boards

Board Development


The current pressure on boards to operate differently to deliver both stakeholder value and social impact is unprecedented. Academic literature argues that board effectiveness is impacted not only by the structure and composition of boards, but by how they function and develop as teams. In contrast there is no agreement as to whether boards are teams, or on the key differences between boards and executive teams. Some say they should be one team. This highlights just some of the complexity that exists in maximising the effectiveness a group of individuals who need to work together to create collective outputs in a governance context. Jane takes a team coaching approach to partnering with boards to help them become aware of, and develop their processes to achieve together. This includes a focus on decision making, relationship dynamics and learning capability.


Director Development


Director independence has been a key focus of Non-Executive Director (NED) development for some years, whilst individual governance capability is critical NEDs also need to understand and develop their effectiveness as part of a group of individuals who need to deliver together. Jane works with individual directors to help them develop teaming capability which includes a strong sense of self, and confidence to both support and challenge, as well as the ability to navigate tricky relationship dynamics.

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